BTLPT Ultimate Study Guide + Workshop Recordings


The Beat the BTLPT Ultimate Study Plan includes:

  • 4-Hour Workshop Recording, tutorial videos, and recorded study sessions
  • Oral Expression Study Guide and 50+ Practice Questions
  • Full-length Oral Expression Practice Test
  • Full-length Listening Comprehension Practice Test
  • Full-length Written Expression Practice Test
  • Reading Comprehension study resources and practice questions
  • 16 Sample Lesson Plans with feedback
  • Weekly study plans with assignments and personalized feedback
  • Study resources, practice questions, sample responses, and a list of the websites you should use to sharpen your Spanish and pedagogy for the BTLPT TExES #190

This course matches you with an expert BTLPT exam coach to ask questions and get feedback. You’ll also get all the resources you need to study so that you can make THIS time the LAST time!

Join the hundreds of teachers on my Wall of Fame and register today to get started!

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My  BTLPT: Ultimate Study Guide is ready! Google Drive organizes this complete package, including a recording of my 4-hour workshop covering the entire test, recordings of one-hour study sessions so you can practice along with us, 16 sample lesson plans with feedback, 50+ practice oral expression questions, tons of writing prompts, complete oral and written expression study guide, website link list for free online practice, a sample study schedule that shows you how to practice on your own, and a whole bunch of other really great stuff that will teach you how to study and how to pass this test! I will also be available to answer questions, give feedback on your writing and recorded oral expression, and celebrate when you pass!

You may have seen reviews from the many teachers who have used my unique program to pass their test. Now is your chance to add your name to my Wall of Fame!

When you order, please include the email address you will use to access your Study Plan.

Good luck and happy studying!

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