Learn the LOTE: Ultimate Study Guide + Recorded Workshop and Class Access


This study plan includes: Learn the LOTE 4-Hour Workshop recording, study resources, practice questions, sample responses, and a list of websites where you can learn all the pedagogy and academic Spanish you need to pass the LOTE TExES 613 or 713 for free online.



Are you looking for LOTE tutoring and a complete study guide?

Well, I’m excited to offer the Learn the LOTE: Ultimate Study Plan!

Google Drive organizes this system, which includes MP4s of my comprehensive workshop and bonus tutorial videos. You’ll also get a full-length listening comprehension test, sample lesson plans, and everything you need to learn to ace the pedagogy section.

Also, keep in mind that this certification exam is the final exam of a four-year degree in education.

To pass, you’ll need a solid mastery of second-language acquisition, the culture of the Spanish-speaking world, and world language pedagogy.

With this study plan, you’ll know exactly what to do every time you sit down to study. Plus, I will walk you through each part of the test and give you the tools you need to feel confident on test day.

Don’t let the LOTE exam intimidate you! It’s possible to pass on your next try with the Ultimate Study Plan and hard work.

You can watch a recorded video that explains everything that’s included, at your convenience.

I have gotten great feedback and reviews from the many teachers who have used my unique program to pass.

Now is your chance to add your name to my Wall of Fame!

The best part!

When you purchase the Ultimate Study Plan, you become a member of your monthly cohort, and you get access to attend group one-hour study sessions free of charge until your test! Sessions are Thursdays at 7 pm CST.

Studying together is a great way to get practice and feedback, so sign up and let’s get you ready to pass!

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