Success Mindset and the BTLPT

I thought it was appropriate that my first article here be the most powerful thing that I can think to tell you. Let’s talk about how your brain is going to help you unlock your success.

Did you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between something that really happened and something you vividly imagine?

It’s important that all of your thoughts about taking your certification tests are giving you the power and not stealing it.

How are you answering the people that ask you how your studying is going? What do you say when they ask when you are taking the test or if you are ready?

Do you take those opportunities to reinforce for yourself that you have made a lot of progress and you are confident that you will be successful?

Start telling yourself that you WILL pass the test and imagine who you will call and how you will feel when you receive that passing score report.

Check out the video below about how to apply the power of Mindset to your certification exams and start using this phenomenal strategy today.

The speaker is Honey Wesley, a truly inspirational mindset expert and the best life coach I know – my mom!


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