Jiovanni S.

I passed the BTLPT and I'm in tears of joy! Thanks so much for your help!

Sydney G.

I was able to pass the BTLPT on the first try!! Thank you so much for all your helpful tips and guidance!

Yareli Q.

I PASSED the BTLPT and I definitely could not have done it without the help of Dorian Wesley!! She is AMAZING! If you haven't attended one of her workshops, I recommend you do! She has all the right tools to prepare you for the exam. Trust me, you will not regret it!

Rosa P.

You have been a great help and source of wisdom on this exam. I know your workshops will definitely help those like myself pass the exam!

Idalia M.

Join Dorian's study sessions. This is a must! She provides great tools to prepare for the exam. Don't give up, our bilingual students need you!

Anavell S.

I did Dorian's workshop (GREAT tips) and practiced timing myself like she recommended. I get really bad test anxiety but I was able to pass on the first try!

Angie D.

I mainly studied the resources Dorian provided me with and took a lot in from the workshop. I cannot stress enough how much Dorian's workshop helped me. I was a nervous wreck, but with the help of Dorian, I passed it! Dorian gave me some amazing and helpful tips that I used for my speaking portion! I have been fluent in Spanish my entire life, and even then, this test scared me but I passed it as you will too!

Ana S.

God is good!!! Thank you Dorian!!! I totally recommend her workshops!! Passed on my first try!! If anyone is doubting on taking this workshop....DON'T! Dorian shares so many strategies, study content, and breaks down every section to the minute! God sent, I tell you!! DO IT!!

Arleni E.

I finally passed BTLPT! A huge shoutout to Dorian! I did her study session and I learned so much. It was very helpful and her tips are great. I recommend her 10/10.

Jessica G.

I passed the BTLPT! Thank you so much!

Nereida O.

Passed on my first attempt! A big thank you to Dorian for her helpful workshops and support!

Lisbeth M.

I passed the BTLPT first try...thank you Dorian!

Juana G.

Dorian's workshop was organized and meaningful. I would have never found these resources on my own. I just really appreciate the time she put into getting all these resources put together in one place. Thank you for breaking the timing apart. I just really needed motivation. Before, I would keep telling myself ``I hope I pass,`` and now I KNOW I will pass!

Jennifer C.

It was a very helpful workshop! I was really nervous about taking my exam because I wasn't sure what to expect. I am a native Spanish speaker but being able to go over examples and the guided practice made me feel more confident in my ability to pass this exam!

Pamela Q.

I recommend this workshop for sure, as there is no concrete guidelines for what to study for this exam.

Nicole A.

I feel more confident going into this test. Dorian helped me feel more confident in my abilities! I am hopeful that I will pass on my first attempt.

Myrna R.

All the resources you provided to study for the test are so helpful! Your workshop is very helpful and I'm happy with what I learned. I would definitely recommend this workshop to colleagues and friends.

Ricardo G.

I really appreciate you taking the time to put all of this toether. I didn't know what to expect on the test until I used your materials. Thank you! This presentation is so detailed and thorough that you feel 100 times more ready for the structure of the test. I recommend this workshop to all those that are planning to take the BTLPT exam. Dorian takes you through a step-by-step presentation about what to expect, with super helpful hints that will only make you better. Good luck!

Crystal E.

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who would like to be successful in planning and passing the BTLPT.. Dorian really goes above and beyond when demonstrating test techniques and giving positive feedback that helps her participants.. Best tool I have found for sure..

Maria R.

The workshop was great!! It was very informational and helpful. I really liked all the scenarios you had for us to practice. The way you put it together was helpful.

Denise H.

I think the workshop was great! I absolutely recommend it. This workshop makes you view the exam in a new, different way and Dorian teaches you how to answer the questions.