BTLPT Oral and Written Expression Guide +16 Sample Lesson Plans with Feedback


Nervous about the BTLPT?

You’re not alone!

The lesson plan is one of the most commonly requested parts of the exam to work on and I’ve put together a document that will show you not just flawless lesson plans, but some that score at each level and what needs to be fixed to get that 12 out of 12 points that every teacher wants to see.

But I’ve included so much more! In this guide, you’ll find:

  • lesson plans for all grade levels K-5
  • scoring rubrics and sample perfect score lesson plans
  • transition words and useful phrases
  • outline and template suggestions for organizing your response
  • a list of ALL possible ELA objectives for the exam
  • practice essay questions
  • tips that help you earn MORE points on your oral and written expression responses




The most commonly asked question I get from teachers about the BTLPT is “How do I write the lesson plan?

Let me show you some of the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

I’ll teach you how and what to study to be prepared for this task.

But there’s even more! I just updated this product to add so much value that you’ll wish you bought it the last time you attempted the test! Now you’ll be able to study words and phrases that stand out, and practice from a list of lesson plan objectives and essay prompts that are just like the BTLPT #190! Study with this guide to earn more points and pass your test above 240 without tutoring! Happy studying!

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