16 Sample BTLPT Lesson Plans with Feedback


Nervous about the lesson plan?

You’re not alone!

This is one of the most commonly requested parts of the exam to work on and I’ve put together a PDF that will show you not just flawless lesson plans, but some that score at each level and what needs to be fixed to get that 12 out of 12 points that every teacher wants to see.




The most commonly asked question I get from teachers about the BTLPT is “How do I write the lesson plan?

Let me show you some of the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

I’ll teach you how and what to study to be prepared for this task.

You’ll also get access to my interactive tutorial video “6 Steps to Writing a 12/12 Lesson Plan” where I’ll guide you through the process and give you some practice prompts to work on.

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