Dorian's Story

I took the hard path to bilingual certification so that you wouldn't have to.

I’ve always been enamored with the rich and beautiful Spanish language. I started language lessons on the oldest computer you’ve ever seen in the basement of my rural elementary school when someone decided I needed a challenge. I took French in high school and my college major didn’t require a foreign language so I never studied Spanish in school. I moved to Texas after college and it didn’t seem right that I could see and hear a language every day that I didn’t know. So I learned. It took me years and years of working hard on it, and I remember just how proud I was the day I got my passing score report.

I thought that I was going to be a bilingual teacher. But then people started asking me how I did it, so I told them. I shared a lot of information and I started to realize that teachers NEED to know what they are up against and how to defeat this exam. We have a shortage of bilingual teachers, yet the passing rate for the certification exam is around 50%. That doesn’t make sense to me. I decided that I wanted to singlehandedly increase the passing rate of bilingual educators.

Many of you have jobs that depend on earning your bilingual certification. That means something to me. I understand how you feel and I hope I can help. I understand the stress and the pressure that you face because I went through it. If I can pass this test, you definitely can. You just need to know how to show what the test scorers want to see.

During a three-year-long journey of figuring out this test, I learned exactly what you need to be able to do to get your own passing score. I wandered around across the internet searching for each different piece that I needed to put together. Now I want to save others from the same scattered and stressful experience. I’m putting together just what you will need and I will teach you how to use it to beat this test once and for all. Take a look around and send me a message if you want to tell me your story. I would love to hear from you!


I'm a teacher by passion, not just by profession. Helping people learn and succeed is what I love to do.

I have been teaching since I started “playing school” as a kid with my twin sister, little sister, and cousins. We would set school supplies out and books and paper and I always insisted on being the ‘teacher’.

I started my educational career in college, tutoring student-athletes at Lousiana State University – Geaux Tigers! Soon, friends and family learned that I was tutoring and asked me for help with all sorts of assignments, low grades, poor reading comprehension, and other academic challenges. I spent hours learning all about each subject so that I could explain it in the best way for them to understand. There is nothing like being a part of the lightbulb moment when something just clicks for someone.

After college, I became a band director and continued tutoring in the evenings and weekends. I loved helping people one-on-one and seeing the difference my help made in their self-confidence and academic prospects. I quit my job teaching music to build a full-time tutoring business. Eventually, with the encouragement of my best friend, I became an elementary school teacher, although I never stopped tutoring.

Through my journey to gain my bilingual certification, I saw how these difficult tests were holding others back from reaching their dreams. I knew I could put my tutoring expertise to good use and I started developing workshops designed to address the exams in a way that helped others be successful. Once I got great results back from the first wave of teachers I worked with, I was hooked!

Now it’s your turn! I want to celebrate with you when you receive your passing score report. Let’s get started! Which test are you working on?

  • 22 Years of Tutoring Experience ✅
  • Spanish-speaking Countries Visited: Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras 🌍
  • Personal Motto: The best you can do is the best you can do! 😎

22 Years of Tutoring Experience

Teacher Study Hall was born from an idea I had while traveling back from a 5,000 mile cross-country trip through some of America's most beautiful places. On the long drive, I scrolled through the Facebook group that had supported me while I studied for my bilingual certification exams. I had been fortunate to get tips and information from others, and I was looking for a few folks taking the test soon that I could help out in order to 'pay it forward'. The more people I helped, the more word spread that I had some really great information available. I started spending evenings after work scouring the internet for more study material, and when I didn't find enough, I started creating my own. Now I have a library full of links, study guides, practice questions, and strategies that have been proven to work. I will be continuously refining and improving the content that I offer to make sure that I can provide my teachers with the best information available.

Why study with Dorian? Expertise. Quality. Results.

  1. I have been where you are and I know the struggles you face and how overwhelming preparing for these tests can feel. I know exactly what you need to learn and how you can best learn it.
  2. My strategies and resources have been continually improved for 3 years, getting better and better as I learn more ways to help others pass. My sessions are engaging and effective. We laugh. We have fun. We get work done.
  3. You can trust the reviews of previous clients and results that speak for themselves. It was a steady stream of positive feedback that encouraged me to keep moving forward as I created my materials and built this site.

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