50+ Oral Expression Practice Questions


Practice until you feel confident with these simulated tasks designed to feel just like the real thing! There are questions for each of the different oral expression tasks: Simulated Conversation, Question, and Answer, and Support an Opinion/Oral Presentation.



These study questions follow the format of the test so you can get authentic practice.

The questions align to the test standards so that you can be guaranteed they are similar to the tasks you will experience on test day!

You will read the directions for each section and then respond to each of the different oral expression tasks:

  • Simulated Conversation
  • Question and Answer
  • Support an Opinion/Oral Presentation

Time yourself for realistic practice and use the rubric to score yourself.

Then, work on areas that you notice as a pattern of weakness.

You can answer the questions multiple times to continue to improve your fluency and organization.

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