Success Mindset and the BTLPT

I thought it was appropriate that my first article here be the most powerful thing that I can think to tell you. Let’s talk about how your brain is going to help you unlock your success. Did you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between something that really happened and something you vividly imagine? It’s important that all of your thoughts about

Building Your Vocabulary

How do I build my academic vocabulary? This is the question I am asked most often by prospective bilingual teachers seeking to pass the rigorous certification tests. Read on to get tips and tricks for preparing to pass your bilingual language target proficiency test (BTLPT) or languages other than the English (LOTE) exam. A broad and well-developed academic and education-specific vocabulary is one of

I can’t believe I only failed by ___ points!

Time for some tough love. I have seen so many teachers miss passing by a dozen points or less and feel like they just got SO CLOSE. Sometimes, they even sign up again to retest right away, hoping that the questions on this attempt will be easier or the grading will be more lenient and they’ll break that magic 240. But here’s the problem